"Why are some questions in BOLD?"    All of the required questions are in bold. It is necessary for us to obtain this information from/on all our candidates. This information is used to make qualified hiring decisions on all candidates.

"I cannot use the 'Back' button within the survey."    The employment application has a Back button and a Next button at the bottom of most pages. The Back button will allow you to go back and change only certain answers. Some answers cannot be changed or edited.

"Why does the program require me to answer a question that I have already answered?"    Some questions with multiple answers trigger a "sub-question" if answered in a particular manner. For example, if the 'Other' checkbox is selected, an edit box to the right of the answer may need to be answered as well.

"What happens when I complete the application?"    When the application is completed, your information is sent to The Computer Gurus where it is processed and formatted.

What are the minimum System Requirements for this application?    One of the following browsers with JavaScript enabled and Internet connection @56k or higher:

Supported Browsers      Supported Operating Systems
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x and 8.x   Windows 98 Windows 2000
Firefox 2.0 and 3.0   Windows XP Windows NT4
    Mac 10.x Windows Vista