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Merchant Cash Advance Program

A merchant cash advance, also sometimes called factoring, works by allowing you to borrow against future receivables rather than a real asset or some other collateral. In this case, we base the advance off of your monthly Visa and Master Card credit card processing sales.

The process for applying for this type of advance is much simpler than a bank loan or credit line and the funds are available almost immediately. We understand that many small businesses struggle with cash flow and sometimes opportunities are missed because of lack of funds. Our goal in offering this program to our customers with merchant accounts, is to help small and mid-sized businesses expand their company, purchase equipment, add additional inventory or invest in the future growth of their company.

Here is how it works:

Your average monthly volume will be reviewed to establish your maximum allowable advance. You can let us know how much you would like, and then you review and sign the paperwork and the cash is sent to you within days!

Merchant Benefits

•  Merchant can receive up to $150,000
•  No personal guarantee required
•  Payback based on timing of Visa / MC receipts
•  No fees or penalty for extended payback period
•  A/B credit not required
•  Financials / tax returns not required

Requirements in order to be eligible for the advance:

• Merchant must be in business for at least 2 years
• Your merchant account must be with us. If it isn't already, we will charge nothing for you to switch and will meet or beat your current costs
• You must provide the previous six months of processing statements
• Trade references are required

Gift Cards

One of the easiest ways to increase sales for your business is to add gift cards to your processing. Gift cards can be an easy way to generate new customers, and increase business sales.

With gift cards, our credit card processing customers can purchase a one-color pre-designed gift card kit starting at $60 per location. Choose from over twenty pre-designed gift cards, and add your business name and address at no extra charge.

If you'd prefer to design your own gift card, we can provide you with the ability to customize.

Cross Check

Are you looking to accept checks, but don't want to assume the high risks that go along? We offer our merchants the ability to set up a check processing account which allows them to authorize a check within seconds without the need for specialized equipment.

Our check processing service allows you to accept checks without having to purchase of any specialized equipment. You can run the check verification directly though your credit card terminal or even over the phone or Internet.

We offer some of the highest approval rates in the check processing industry, and allows your business to accept checks from the United States, and Canada.

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